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Please click one of our payment buttons . This will automaticly redirect you to Payment Processor.
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Payments may be sent directly through:

- PerfectMoney To Account: U4263797

- Bitcoin To Address: 1M73kuJtAjUGYt9yDSDf4e5zsbGoHGMhsw

[Guide] How to buy Bitcoins with Paypal

Successful upgrade to Advanced Membership is a key in today's PTR business.Please follow these simple steps to upgrade your account in the shortest period of time.

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To receive a refund, simply email us to the Billing Department ( ) with the title "Refund" along with your:
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  3. Payment methode ( Paypal / PerfectMoney or other )
  4. Payment ID ( could be batch ID or accound ID )
  5. Date
  6. Other information.
We will reply you within 7-10 Business days and then refund will be made in next week.

All refunds will be made within 144 hours ( for weekends in could be longer ) - no questions asked!
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